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About ETS Believing in the power of learning

At nonprofit ETS, we are passionate about 3d福利彩票六合彩 to advance quality and equity in education for all people worldwide because we believe in the power of learning. We strive to provide innovative and meaningful measurement solutions that improve teaching and learning, expand educational opportunities, and inform policy.

60 + years of experience and expertise

Discover what we do

Pioneering insight

Explore how ETS research is creating today's solutions.

3,200 + employees united by a common mission

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Collaboration that inspires

Our partnerships are helping to close the achievement gap and champion education worldwide.

An uncompromising commitment to quality

A commitment to rigorous research, 100% quality, and fairness and equity in education informs everything we do.

A global leader

We develop, administer and score 50 million tests in 180 + countries.

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Center for Advocacy and Philanthropy (CAAP)

Through CAAP, ETS coordinates its efforts in advocacy, philanthropy and employee volunteerism and giving.


NAEP and ETSETS has assisted the NAEP program in introducing numerous psychometric and assessment design innovations over the years.


Are you committed to improving education through assessment around the world? If so, you could become a part of our team!
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