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ETS Global Institute

The ETS Global Institute offers international training through a broad spectrum of courses. The Institute's mission is to advance the fields of testing, assessment and education by:

  • sharing ETS's expertise with educators, policymakers and testing professionals worldwide
  • collaborating with ministries of education, universities and organizations to explore today's increasingly complex educational measurement challenges
  • providing a forum to exchange ideas on issues of concern to test developers and policymakers

What Does the ETS Global Institute Offer?

A distinguished faculty of assessment professionals conduct two modes of training:

  • 3d福利彩票六合彩 on topics related to large-scale assessment and test item development
  • Customized courses specifically designed to meet specific client needs

For more information regarding customized courses, email us at

Why Train with the ETS Global Institute?

The ETS Global Institute offers a variety of general training programs to build assessment expertise among education leaders, classroom teachers and school administrators. Program participants:

  • Develop an understanding of how standards and test specifications must be aligned to test items
  • Learn how to determine the quality of tests and the most important aspects of classical test theory and item-response theory
  • Discover how to conduct psychometric analysis of test results and how to base suggestions for improvement on test results
  • Learn the principles and benefits of test-score scaling and equating in large-scale assessments

Our Faculty

The ETS Global Institute faculty consists of practicing professionals who bring firsthand experience to all courses. These testing specialists include:

  • Test developers (with expertise in different subject areas)
  • Psychometricians
  • Managers of testing programs
  • Information technology specialists
  • Experts in test security
  • Education researchers


The ETS Global Institute is based in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Requests for off-site courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For more information, email us at


Course fees vary by program.

For more information regarding fees, please email us at

Language of Instruction

Instruction is delivered in English, however, some customization in other languages may be possible. Translators may also be available.

For more information regarding language customization, please email us at

Learn more about what the ETS Global Institute has to offer.

Download your copy of the Global Institute Course Catalog.

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