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Workplace Community

Workplace Community

Staying competitive demands the best talent for the job.

ETS knows how to measure the knowledge and skills that make people succeed in the workplace. That's why thousands of educational institutions, companies and governments around the world have used ETS products to measure what matters most for their organizations. Successful hires. Successful employees. Successful enterprises. It all starts with the right people.

We Know Potential

Talent fuels the global economy. And for competitive organizations, the need for prepared, skilled employees in the global workforce has never been greater or more complex. Business leaders around the world are tasked with recruiting, assessing and developing candidates on an evolving matrix of behavioral, cognitive and language skills. Using our workplace products, you can build the team you need to succeed.

WorkFORCE® Assessments Portfolio

Identify and develop talent with confidence. Measure key skills that predict workplace success.


HiSET® Exam

Providing the first step toward career advancement by earning a high school equivalency credential.

Learn more about the HiSET exam

TOEIC® Tests

Determine who has the English-language skills to succeed in the global workplace.

Learn more about the TOEIC tests

A Changing Workplace

Multiple factors are transforming the jobs we hold and the work we do, and our economy is rapidly changing. ETS is collaborating with institutions, employers and jobseekers to identify the next-generation knowledge, skills and abilities that jobseekers will need to thrive in an evolving workplace. Learn more about this initiative or become a collaborator.

Skills for a New Economy

Backed by Research

Our products are backed by 70 years of educational and workplace research.
Learn more about our extensive research.

Job Readiness and 21st Century Skills English Language Learning Worldwide

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